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3M's Architectural Business offers solutions to help refurbish and transform your spaces and interiors with beautiful yet practical architectural finishes and designs to solve your interior and exterior design and refurbishment challenges. Take almost any surface space and glass-built are you have, and give it a makeover quickly and easily, with any look you need, from the sandblasted glass and woodgrain, to leather and marble. 3M will support you with all the information, technology and expertise you need to achieve your dreams.

3M DI-NOC™ Architectural Finished mimic the aesthetics of natural and synthetic materials at a fraction of the usual price, and far more quickly than a typical refurbishment would usually take. 3M Fasara™ Glass Finishes and Crystal Glass Finishes provide the look, privacy and translucency of etched, sandblasted or otherwise textured glass at a price point that makes it an attractive alternative to etched and sandblasted glass. 

3M Architectural Finishes give you the freedom to bring your brand to life both quickly and cost-effectively. 




Contact: Jack Halewood
Title: Business Development Manager
Number: 07836 557791


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