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A French-inspired fit-out for a New York sportswear shop

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The New York flagship store for winter sports brand Moncler has gained a sleek interior, described by Interior Design as passing for a ‘grand Parisian apartment’.

Designed by Gilles & Boissier, the fit-out makes the most of the unusually narrow two-level space (which has little natural light) with a dramatic combination of sleek marble and cleverly positioned lighting.

Black and white chevron flooring creates the atmosphere of a fashion catwalk, bringing shoppers past undulating gold walls, before branching off into a variety of spaces defined by different shades of grey marble, described by the designers as ‘a series of rooms for a succession of sensations’.

Moncler’s luxury sportswear is showcased in glass and marble cabinets, where their vibrant colours stand out amidst monochrome luxury.

The fit-out is completed by a bronze bust of a man’s head at the end of the runway, boasting a distressed look inspired by a Moncler ad campaign.

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