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Chengdu bookstore’s culture-inspired remodel

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A bookstore designed by x+living embodies the cultural charm of the busy city in western China whilst encouraging youngsters to get into reading.

The Zhongshuge chain bookseller continues its efforts to be the most beautiful bookstore for readers, always drawing inspiration from the latest store’s location, and the Chengdu store is no exception. As soon as visitors step off the escalator, they are met with bamboo bookshelves depicting the silhouettes of pandas, trees, pagodas, windmills and classical homes. With small tables shaped like bamboo shoots and giant pink mushrooms to sit under, there’s plenty of space for a child’s imagination to run wild.

But the extensive reading space isn’t just for kids; underneath the store’s mirrored ceilings, a Zhongshuge trademark, red brick walls section off independent quiet reading zones. A raised path snakes above, around and through the wall to allow readers easy access to their favourite book.

Finally, the bookstore contains a large lecture theatre designed to reflect the terraced rice fields with its low, waving, irregular stairs which double up as relaxed seating. While visitors sit and listen to a lecture or watch a drama, floor-to-ceiling windows offer stunning views across the city.

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