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Kimchee brings authentic Korean style to St. Pancras

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A new Kimchee restaurant has opened just minutes from King’s Cross and St. Pancras stations in London, showcasing the finest Korean cuisine combined with an elegant yet lively atmosphere.

The restaurant is bathed in warm light emanating from the wood-effect wall panels, with various plants, ornament-adorned tables, stone features and even pebbles and gravel creating an authentic Asian scene.

With black textured walls, wood-effect tiles in the bathrooms and concrete-inspired Strata Tiles floors, the space is darkly cosy with dappled light cast through the authentic Korean woodcut screens.

Founder and CEO of Kimchee Dong Hyun Kim always planned to fuse Korean design, culture and dining : ‘I had long envisioned bringing my native Korean cuisine to London; offering quality food and excellent service in a sleek and stylish interior, maintaining a real sense of Korean authenticity.’

You can see more of the Pancras Square Kimchee restaurant here.