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When A levels are not the be all and end all...

Friday, August 18, 2017

For many, results day can be so deflating, when the grades hoped for to get that University place, haven't quite stacked up.  Then the pressure is on to find an available course, and at what some may perceive to be a lower grade university.

But that's not always the answer or even the best route to take to succeed, as many in the industry know.   An Apprenticeship or training programme can be a really rewarding experience and often leads to a life long career as NAS National Vice President and Director Tekne Shopfitting Ltd, Marc Allen discovered.


"To the great amazement to my mother I left school with 11 GCSE's grade C and above with my wood and metalwork at A* - Not bad at all for a young man who struggled all through formal schooling due to Dyslexia.
But when I was 4, I'd been given a set of tools by my father and this ignited the flame inside. Both my brother and I spent many hours working together learning our trade from one of the original true master craftsman who had walked the same journey, our father.
From this point I always knew I'd wanted to be Joiner but not just any joiner; I wanted to be a Shopfitter. Now at the age of 35, I've been on the path for 31 years, from bench to Directorship, and I can honestly say I've never looked back with anything other than pride to be a part of an elite body of people.
I have so many achievements that I'm proud of from my involvement within the Shopfitting arena.  I still hold the local record for the shortest time to complete my City & Guilds based NVQ 3 qualification, The NAS Southern and National Apprentice Design Award winner and I am the youngest person to undertake a timed trial event for membership into the Worshipful Company of Joiner & Ceilers.  
In terms of personal achievements, I set myself a target from the first day of my career to earn my directorship and shape the future of a company that believes in the importance of skills growth for the future. However my greatest personal achievement, set at the same time as above, and that which I'm still working towards, is becoming Managing Director of TEKNE, arguably one of the greatest traditional Shopfitting companies in the land"


Well done Marc