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Your window of opportunity

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Glass brings transparency, light and elegance to work and leisure spaces, but also provides a window of business opportunity.

You know that glass is an essential design element of retail. However, have you considered how windows can not only be decorated, but also provide additional safety protection or be used to resolve many of the unwanted glazing issues of solar heat gain, glare and privacy?

Decorative window films

Glass can be used as a form of communication and to give a unique design and ambience to shops. The possibilities are truly endless with hundreds of patterns and effects to choose from, including modern metallic, geometrics, fabrics, string and gradation designs, you’re spoilt for choice.

Safety window films

Windows are seen as the weakest link when it comes to the security of a building, which is why many businesses look to window films to help strengthen them.

Safety films are designed to provide protection from breakages, severe weather and burglars, which makes them ideal for independent shops, such as jewellers against smash and grab theft. Ultra films provide even more protection against bomb blasts to hold together the glass and protect people in the case of an explosion.

Sun control window films

We all know sunlight generates excessive heat through windows, making occupants too hot or uncomfortable causing glare on screens within the working environment. Sunlight can also cause fading to from its harmful UV rays.

Using a window film will allow natural light to come into a building, but can also be used to reduce the amount of excessive heat at the same time. They can also help to conserve energy, decrease energy costs, improve comfort with less glare, all without altering the look of the building.

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