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Message from James Wates - Chairman of CITB

Message from James Wates - Chairman of CITB


Dear Colleagues

I am writing to inform you that I have accepted Adrian Belton's resignation as CEO of CITB. He will leave the organisation at the end of 2016.

In the past three years, Adrian has led the development of key organisational reforms that have enabled and shaped CITB's future offer to industry. Now that a plan has been delivered to the Board, Adrian has decided the time is right to pass on the baton for a successor to deliver on that plan. I want to thank him for his efforts.

Sarah Beale, currently Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Performance Director, will step up to be Acting Chief Executive, in accordance with established succession arrangements.

Her appointment will avoid any uncertainty as CITB moves onto the next phase of our reforms, which is engaging with you and the whole industry on how we can deliver the right support, and consulting on a new Levy Order for 2018. To do this, we will continue to reform the Grants Scheme, so that Levy funds are invested in the skills most needed by our industry.

Sarah is well placed to lead us in this next phase, given her deep knowledge and 11 years' experience in senior roles at CITB, her understanding of the industry, and her practical-hands on approach. I will be working closely with Sarah and the Executive team, in whom the CITB Board and I place our full confidence, to engage directly with you and the whole industry, so we can reform CITB to best meet construction's current and future skills needs.

At this important time for our industry, I ask for your help, your support, and your open and frank engagement as we shape CITB for the future.

One of Sarah, Carl and Steve will be calling you on Monday to answer any questions that you have. They will also be arranging a meeting early in January when we can all talk about how we can work together effectively next year.


James Wates CBE