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The end of an era

The end of an era


It has been announced that Robert Hudson is to retire as Director of the National Association of Shopfitters & Interior Contractors

After 13 years working devotedly as Director and CEO for the National Association of Shopfitters & Interior Contractors, Robert Hudson, is set to retire on 29th June 2018.

Robert joined the National Association of Shopfitters & Interior Contractors after twenty five years’ experience in the global construction sector and particularly shopfitting and interior contracting. During his tenure at the NAS, Robert has been responsible for significantly raising the profile of the Association with its respective stakeholders. In 2007 Robert oversaw the introduction of the Shopfitting Independent Training Forum. Robert further introduced the Shopfitting & Interior Contracting Competence Scheme, the first virtual smartcard of its kind in the Construction Industry. The sector now better reflects the future requirements and delivers meaningful qualifications, which are both respected by both employers and their clients.
The President commented that "Robert is a leader who gets things done. His tenacity and stamina in representing the member’s interests and those of the wider construction community are admirable. I always found Robert to be clear on the direction he wanted to take and he was able to articulate this very effectively to all those involved."
Robert commented that it had been an absolute pleasure to be the face of shopfitting and interior contracting for the last thirteen years. He went onto state that "there comes a time in one’s life when one recognises that the time has come to handover the baton". "I wish the members well for the future, in a sector that has seen at first hand the winds of change" but regardless Robert commented that Shopfitters will still need a steady flow of young talent with good hand skills.
The National Association of Shopfitters (NAS) has successfully represented and promoted the shopfitting and interior contracting sector successfully since 1919. Offering expert guidance and specialist advice, the NAS brand is recognised by designers and clients alike as the symbol of quality and reliability in shopfitting and interior contracting.
Published on the 25th June 2018 by the President of the NAS on behalf of the Executive Council of the National Association of Shopfitters and Interior Contractors.