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The Future of Retail store design?

The Future of Retail store design?


At the end of 2017, it was reported in the US that fashion speciality brand Nordstrom, Inc  were opening stores of just 3,000 ft instead of their usual 140,000 sq ft.  

Recognising that service-driven seamless experiences within the retail sector grew exponentially in 2017, putting service at the core of engagement, these new style stores have a styling suite and eight dressing rooms surrounding a central meeting space where customers can sit comfortably, enjoy a glass of wine or beer, and chat with their Personal Stylists. Customers will also find Alterations & Tailoring and Order Pickup at the entrance, and items can be hand-delivered to a customer's car via the Curbside Pickup service.

So how does the brand not compromise on their range of products but also save on space?  Style Boards is a new salesperson tool that allows salespeople and Personal Stylists to create digital boards filled with personalised fashion recommendations, like a summer holiday or wedding, which customers can view on their phone and purchase directly through the app for    

Sounds a dream for the shopper, but are we to see this in the UK?  Perhaps NAS Members could be installing nail bars and the type that serve a drink or two in the retail projects they're working on in the coming this space so to speak.