Members’ Day Sponsor: American Hardwood Export Council

Introducing Members’ Day Sponsor, the American Hardwood Export Council. In the realm of architecture and design, material choice holds important significance. Beyond functionality, materials contribute to structure aesthetics, sustainability, and overall impression. American hardwoods have emerged as symbols of quality, versatility, and sustainability, thanks largely to the efforts of the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC).

From humble beginnings

Established as the preeminent international trade association for the American hardwood industry, AHEC has been instrumental in elevating American hardwoods globally. Focusing on partnerships and innovative design promotion, AHEC has positioned American hardwoods as preferred choices worldwide.

For over three decades, AHEC has led international wood promotion efforts. Through strategic marketing and collaborations, AHEC has expanded American hardwoods’ global reach.

Partnering for innovation

Central to AHEC’s mission is recognising the role of design in driving innovation and market demand for hardwoods. Partnering with architects and designers, AHEC showcases hardwoods’ unique qualities and potential. These collaborations highlight hardwoods’ aesthetic appeal and sustainability, fostering awareness and appreciation.

AHEC’s commitment to design-driven promotion is evident in collaborations, especially in Europe. Renowned for ambitious projects, AHEC collaborates with designers to push hardwood design boundaries. One such initiative, the “Seed to Seat” project, explores American hardwoods’ journey from forest to finished product. AHEC showcases sustainability and versatility through exhibitions.

Moreover, AHEC’s collaborations address industry challenges like waste reduction. Promoting innovative hardwood use, AHEC drives demand and contributes to industry sustainability.

Building together

AHEC remains committed to promoting American hardwoods through design-driven initiatives. By fostering partnerships and supporting design projects, AHEC aims to elevate American hardwoods’ profile. AHEC’s visionary approach to global design collaboration positions American hardwoods as sustainable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing choices worldwide. Through partnerships and projects, AHEC showcases hardwoods’ potential, driving demand and fostering appreciation.

A representative from AHEC will be presenting their credentials at our upcoming Members’ Day & AGM. Reserve your free place here. 

If this has sparked your interest, make your way to the website to explore the materials. You’ll find a species guide, details on sustainability and environmental impact, an interactive forest map, and case studies waiting for you: