NAS Team

The NAS is managed by a dedicated team of employees, who are committed to our vision of being a best-in-class trade association.

If you’d like to contact any of the team directly, please use the contact us page.

James 1

James Filus

Director of the NAS

James is the Director of the NAS. His responsibilities include:
– developing and communicating the Association’s strategy 
– managing the Association’s budget
– developing and maintaining relationships with industry partners
– leading the team at NAS House.


Blazej Zimnak

Digital Marketing & PR Manager

Blazej manages the Digital Marketing and PR for the NAS. His responsibilities include:
– updating the website
– writing and sharing content across social media
– sending email newsletters
– working on printed materials
– planning and implementing marketing campaigns.


Lorraine Shepherd

Training Manager

Lorraine manages training and is also Mental Health lead for the NAS. Her responsibilities include:
– helping organise training and negotiating better than market rate prices for our Members
– advising Members on training courses, CITB grants and construction levys and answering training-related queries
– working with training providers who want to become one of our an ATPs.


Joanne Hill

Operations Manager

Joanne is the Operations Manager at the NAS. Her responsibilities include:
– maintaining NAS House and ensuring the efficient running of the Association
– managing our third party suppliers
– handling payments and accounts
– ensuring we are providing the best service to Members whilst looking to continually grow our Membership.

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