Shopfitting and Interior Contracting Skills Cards

The Shopfitting and Interior Contracting Competence Scheme (SICCS) is a national skills registration scheme for the shopfitting, fit-out and interior contracting sector.

Established in 2009, SICCS cards is a partner scheme of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), displaying the CSCS logo as a mark of quality. Since 2017, the scheme has offered digital cards only – establishing this practice ahead of many other similar schemes. The objective is to provide clients, employers and contractors with a consistent means of recognising that a cardholder has achieved the necessary standard of knowledge and competence in the occupation they are working in – giving all parties confidence.


Applicants for a SICCS card will be required to demonstrate:

  • Previously acquired health and safety knowledge, evidenced through passing the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test at the appropriate level (i.e., either Operatives, or Manager & Professionals); and
  • A suitable level of competence for their respective occupation through a recognised qualification aligned to each SICCS card.

Both parts of the application criteria are independently assessed, adding further confidence to the quality of the scheme and its cardholders. The NAS looks forward to continuing working with the wider industry to ensure that this scheme continues to establish a competent and safe specialist sector, while raising standards.


The scheme is comprised of two core elements, which demonstrate:

All applicants, including those adding a category or renewing a card, must have an understanding and knowledge of current basic Health, Safety and Environment as demonstrated through holding a CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test pass.

The level of test required depends on the card type being applied for, it will either be an Operatives test or a Managers and Professionals test. All categories of SICCS card require as a minimum a pass result. It is a requirement to have passed the CITB test within two years of the application.

The scheme requires applicants to prove operating competence through attainment of an N/SVQ, or other recognised qualification, aligned to their occupation.

SICCS Card specific eligibility


Information that needs to be provided in support of an SICCS card application:

  • Full name
  • Home address
  • A clear head and shoulder image with a white or plain background
  • Scanned or photographed evidence of occupational aligned qualification
  • Date of birth and National Insurance Number
  • Email and mobile phone number

Additional Information

There is a £30.00 (ex. VAT) fee for purchasing or renewing a SICCS card. Pricing matches CSCS equivalents and is subject to change. You will be charged only if your qualifications have been confirmed.

The following cards are offered under the scheme:

  • Shopfitting Apprentice
  • Shopfitting Labourer
  • Shopfitting Bench Work (plus Advanced Craft)
  • Shopfitting Site Work (plus Advanced Craft)
  • Solid Surface Fabricator or Installer (provisional)
  • Solid Surface Fabricator or Installer

It is possible to apply for Trainee cards where evidence can be provided of work in progress towards the occupational competence criteria. Trainee cards will be limited to 2 years duration.

SICCS are smart cards and are issued in digital formal only.

After purchasing, your SICCS card can be viewed on any mobile device (Android and iOS) using free Vircarda App.

All live SICCS cards can validated online using Go Smart Checker.

It is possible to renew most SICCS card, but to ensure that all of the core eligibility criteria remain satisfied, a renewal will follow the process of a new application. For all renewals, the SICCS card start date will be the expiry date of the previous card. Where the expiry date has elapsed, the start date will be backdated to ensure continuity.

The primary objective of this scheme is to provide clients, employers and contractors with a consistent means of recognising that a cardholder has achieved the necessary standard of knowledge and competence in the occupation they are working in – giving all parties confidence.

In addition, it is anticipated that the scheme will:

  • Set minimum standards, while raising expectations of those working in the sector
  • Encourage learning and development in order to attain experienced cards
  • Increase health, safety and environmental awareness
  • Produce frictionless access to sites for cardholders

SICCS is owned and administered by the National Association of Shopfitters (NAS). Any further enquiries about the Scheme should be sent to: Contact can also be made by phone: 01883 624961 or through the website:

In the unlikely event that an applicant is dissatisfied with the service they receive, this should be confirmed in writing by email to All complaints will be responded to within 10 working days.

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