Impervia flooring, ideal for both residential and commercial properties

Welcome to Impervia

We are proud to present the future of high-quality sustainable flooring, perfect to fit the pieces of your project’s puzzle. Designed for durability, our range of porcelain tiles and luxury planks are built to last and are the perfect solution to fit in any space whether it’s commercial or residential. We know the finish matters, so let our flooring create the look of luxury you’re searching for.

We combine classic patterns and modern trends with our unique LVT collections to bring you timeless fits for any floor.  Are you looking for luxury and desiring durability? Our porcelain tiles deliver lavish looks and enhanced strength to fit the floors and walls of your project’s puzzle.

You’ve probably already walked on Impervia flooring

Retrofitting a building is not only a great idea for sustainability but cost-saving too. Impervia’s® high-quality flooring can be fitted straight on top of existing flooring, which not only makes it great for retrofitting but also a great choice to quickly reinvent a space. Discover our case studies to see the buildings across the world that are already using Impervia® Flooring.

Why choose Impervia?

Impervia® Flooring uses an innovative 5 layer technology to create a high quality flooring that is perfect for both commercial and residential settings. Not only is Waterproof and hard wearing; it also has incredible acoustic qualities as well, creating a warm soft feel to your rooms. Combine this with the latest 5Gi push fit system it couldn’t be simpler to fit.

Key characteristics of Impervia Flooring

Impervia® flooring is 100% waterproof which makes it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens and well as a huge range of commercial projects. As well and just being super convenient for day to day life.

Built into every plank (or tile) of impervia® flooring is a IPEX underlayer meaning there is no need to lay any additional underlay. 

Impervia® flooring “has demonstrated a low slip potential under wet test conditions” check out the full technical report to see just how impressive that is.

By using the latest 5Gi push fit system, Impervia® Flooring is ridiculously simple to fit. The plank really does just click together with no adhesive.

The UV coating helps to keep your flooring looking great year after year. Keeping the Decor layer from fading and keeping your flooring looking amazing even in the sunniest of environments.

The wear layer adds a natural texture to your flooring which helps us achieve that great non-slip surface whilst keeping your flooring 100% waterproof.

Where the magic happens, the decor film is the look of your flooring, completing your room with that perfect wood effect, without the worry of humidity or water damage. Just about the closest you can get to the real thing. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for we can even create a custom texture.

A mineral based core made up of magnesium oxide (MGO core) reinforced with tough fibreglass for stability and durability. This means it is fireproof, dent proof. shift proof and mould proof. Whilst being environmentally sustainable.

You don’t need any additional underlay with Impervia® Flooring as built into every board is an IXPE underlay, creating a acoustically dampening surface which is suitable for use with underfloor heating.

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