Changes to CreditSafe scorecards

CreditSafe are introducing improvements and changes to their UK and Ireland company scorecard, which is expected to be released on Thursday, 30th March 2023.

Some companies will receive a revised credit score based on key risk factors on the day of the release. To avoid the increase in monitoring notifications, CreditSafe will pause monitoring alerts for score and limit changes to UK and Irish companies on that day. All other monitoring alerts will continue. Log in to your Creditsafe account to review a complete list of score and limit changes for companies you monitor. The monitoring service will resume as usual on Friday, 31st March 2023.

Almost 30% of NAS Members use the CreditSafe benefit, do you?

NAS members run their own credit reports for free and add their supply chain to the monitoring tools – which provides real-time updates when relevant changes occur. To register to use the service, please complete the following short form, providing the name and contact details for an appropriate user in your business. The cost of CreditSafe service is included in the NAS subscription.