CITB Northern Ireland Levy Proposals 2022-23

Our Members based in Northern Ireland should return their CITB NI Levy Return by 31st August 2022. It is a legal requirement and applies to all construction employers. You can get ahead and fill in the return online on

At the Board meeting held on 24th March 2022, the CITB NI Board decided to consult with the industry bodies on a levy rate for the 2022-23 of 0.55%.

The Board is required to set the levy rate at their next scheduled meeting on 28th April 2022. The NAS has been asked to consult with the members and forward the comments on the proposal to set a levy rate of 0.55% no later than Tuesday 26th April 2022. If you wish to comment on the proposal, please contact the NAS at

Below are important dates for the levy return.

6th April
CITB NI Levy Return begins

Complete your 2022 Levy Return form now, either online or by hard copy on the form you should receive by this date.

28th April
All forms distributed

If you haven't received your 2022 Levy Return form, contact CITB NI immediately.

4th July
Reminder sent

You will receive a reminder by post to ensure you have received the 2022 Levy Return form and to complete it by 5pm on 31 August 2022.

8th August
Final reminders

If you don't want to receive weekly reminders by email and text, make sure you have completed your 2022 Levy Return form before this date.

31st August
Return deadline

You must complete your 2022 Levy Return form by 5pm on 31st August. Please complete it either online, or email the return as you will miss the deadline if you post it.