Save on Fleet Assistance and Recovery with AA

One of the most popular benefits we offer to our members is the fleet assistance provided by the AA. You don’t need to maintain a large fleet, as the cover can be purchased for one or more vehicles. Arranging the cover through NAS can bring nearly 50% saving, compared with the standard price. On average, our members save £435, depending on fleet size.

The AA offers their cover at various Service Levels, called Fleetwide. Below you will find details of each Fleetwide level and description of their features. Fleetwide 3 and 4 are the most often chosen packages by the NAS members.

Service Level and Key Features

Service LevelRoadsideNational Recovery
Relay PlusHome StartAccident Management
Fleetwide 1
Fleetwide 2
Fleetwide 3
Fleetwide 4
Fleetwide 5

Roadside assistance throughout the UK, 24/7. The AA aims to fix your vehicle, but if not, they will take you to the nearest garage.

National recovery if the vehicle can’t be fixed at the roadside or arrange a prompt local repair.

If you have Relay and the AA can’t arrange a prompt local repair, you’ll get alternative travel options. Requires Relay.

Assistance if the vehicle breaks down at or near the registered address.

Help with vehicle recovery, repairs and processing insurance claims after accidents or vandalism. Requires Relay.

Get Your Quote

To access the benefit, login to the Member’s Area of our website or contact the NAS for the reference number and head to for a quote.

Example Savings

One of the NAS Members maintains a fleet of five vehicles. Purchasing Fleetwide 3 assistance and recovery package with the AA saved £533 compared with the standard price.

Use Your Membership Benefits and Save More

Using your NAS benefits can bring substantial savings to your business and employees. Read about the Wider Wallet platform, which offers high street discounts that can be used by all of the NAS members’ employees after registration. You can also arrange your company insurance with Darwin Clayton, NAS nominated insurance broker, and save on the cover.