Get involved: Shape the future of shopfitting

Get ready to make a significant impact in the Shopfitting arena!

The strategic partnership between NAS and IOC is at the forefront of shaping the CITB Wood Occupations National Occupational Standards (NOS), and now, it’s your chance to play a crucial role.

We’re zeroing in on Shopfitting within the NOS, and we want to harness your specialised knowledge and skills. The Shopfitting Competency Framework awaits your expertise, with a focus on two key streams: Shopfitting Bench Work and Shopfitting Site Fixing.

Calling all NAS members to take part! Nominate a specialist from your company, and submit an expression of interest. Your involvement is pivotal in ensuring the success of this initiative.

Leading this project is Amanda Scott, your NAS Skills Lead. Amanda will guide you through the steps to ensure the NOS review of Wood Occupations is not only strategically aligned but also operationally optimised. She emphasises, “The active participation of NAS members is vital in shaping the future of Shopfitting. Your unique skills and insights will not only enhance the competency framework but also ensure that the Wood Occupations NOS is match fit and future proofed for the next 5 years. Join us in making a lasting impact!”

Click here to fill out your expression of interest.