Members’ Day Sponsor: Citation HR and Health & Safety Services

We’re delighted to introduce our members to Members’ Day sponsor, Citation – the provider of comprehensive HR, Health & Safety, Wellbeing, E-Learning, ISO Certification and SSIP Accreditation services.

For nearly three decades, Citation’s mission has steadfastly aimed at creating a world where businesses and the individuals within them are not only prepared for the future, but are poised to own it. Working with over 50,000 growing businesses, Citation has become a trusted ally by simplifying the intricate aspects of running a business and transforming them into clarity. Recognising that running a business involves navigating a labyrinth of intricacies, Citation excels in distilling the complicated parts into clear and actionable insights.

HR Services

The hands-on HR services have played a pivotal role in steering organisations through the complexities of human resources management – from strategic recruitment to the holistic well-being of employees – ensuring they maintain a strategic edge in the dynamic landscape of workforce management.

Health & Safety

Citation’s aim is to ensure compliance and to cultivate a culture of safety. Through meticulous risk assessments, tailored training programs, and the development of robust health and safety policies, businesses have been empowered to mitigate risks, reduce accidents, and foster environments conducive to employee flourishing.


Extending its services to well-being, Citation’s services have been crafted to address the broader spectrum of employee wellness. They acknowledge that a robust and motivated workforce forms the cornerstone of any thriving business.


As technology continues to reshape business landscapes, Citation’s E-Learning services have ensured that businesses stay abreast of the latest developments. Offering accessible and efficient online training programmes has enabled organisations to up-skill their workforce. This allows businesses to adapt seamlessly to the evolving demands of the digital age.

Certification & Accreditation Services

Citation are dedicated to excellence through their ISO Certification and SSIP Accreditation services. They help businesses meet global standards and show a strong commitment to safety. Moreover, this opens new opportunities for them while bolstering credibility within their industry.

Members’ Day & AGM 2024

We’re looking forward to welcoming Citation at our Members’ Day & AGM in March. The topic being covered at their talk is health  and wellness. Will we see you at Members’ Day? Read more about our FREE event and book your place.

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