Members’ Day Sponsor: The Guild

Join us in extending a warm welcome to The Guild as they join us for our upcoming Members’ Day & AGM on 27th March 2024. The Guild brings with them a wealth of expertise and comprehensive services.

Leaders in services that ensure compliance with employment status regulations while offering advantages to both contractors and client companies, their commitment is to offer clients unparalleled peace of mind, handling the procurement of self-employed talent with efficiency and in line with the relevant regulations. Operating for over 25 years, their in-house legal, tax and compliance teams have been trusted by over 1,000 businesses and counting.

We’re excited to introduce The Guild to our members. Here’s a summary of how The Guild’s solutions can streamline your businesses’ talent acquisitions.

Compliance Assurance

The Guild offers legal, tax, and compliance expertise to manage employment status issues compliantly, mitigating the risks associated with engaging self-employed workers.

Financial Benefits

Contractors working through The Guild can potentially earn up to 25% more compared to umbrella employees or those on PAYE contracts. In addition, client companies can save substantially on employment costs, with no additional cost to their business.

Enhanced Talent Acquisition

By offering higher pay, businesses contracting their workforce through The Guild can attract industry-leading talent, potentially leading to significant growth in team size.

Risk Management

The Guild acts as an intermediary in the payment chain, assuming tax status risk and CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) payroll responsibility for subcontractors. Clients are indemnified against associated risks, and The Guild’s risk is insured.

Streamlined Payment Process

Upon on-boarding, the client’s team no longer needs to handle invoices, as The Guild manages payments. However, for greater control, clients have the option to track and manage payments through an online portal provided by The Guild.

Overall, The Guild offer a comprehensive solution that addresses compliance, financial benefits, talent acquisition, and streamlined payment processes for both contractors and client companies involved in the engagement of subcontractors.

Members’ Day 2024

Cristian Ley, an employment law specialist at The Guild, will be joining us on Members’ Day to talk to us about The impact of the Atholl House case on using self-employed trades and labour. Cristian worked in the City and in West-End firms before becoming The Guild’s in-house solicitor.

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