Congratulations, Amanda! The new Chair of NOS Wood Occupations Review Body

Meet Amanda Scott, the new Chair of NOS Wood Occupations Review Body – and Skills Lead for the NAS.

A New Appointment

Amanda has accepted the 2-year CITB appointment which will see her lead the development of the NOS review for all wood occupations which incorporates the entire field of the Shopfitting Site Work and Shopfitting Bench Work standards. She’ll lead timber trades and related fields, aligning with NAS and Institute of Carpenters (IOC) for synergy in wood occupations.

Amanda believes, “The guardianship of the core and technical specialism standards is vital and of great importance to the NAS leadership, where the work has already begun. The support of our association has been at the forefront of this big body of work, and many have come forward to form those specialist action teams to steer and guide me, ensuring that we will have a fit for purpose set of competency standards, keeping our work force not just safe but skilled, experienced, and highly competent.

The new standards will be embedded for new entrants at the start of their journey into our crafts and throughout the developing workforce becoming the much-needed master craftspeople of the future.”

What will this involve?

Her role as Chair will see her lead specialist teams from the NAS and IOC to strip down piece by piece all timber trade occupations including:

  • Heritage Architectural Joinery
  • Heritage Site Carpentry
  • Heritage Structural Post and Beam Carpentry
  • Light Structural Timber Framers
  • Pre-assembled Roof Structure Installers
  • Shopfitting Bench Works
  • Shopfitting Site Fixers
  • Site Carpentry
  • Structural Post and Beam Carpentry
  • Timber Decks and Cladding
  • Timber Frame Erectors
  • Wheel Writing.

Amanda continues, “It’s the opportunity to bring in emerging skills, methods and systems that have developed into our fields and puts a solid competency marker across them. Phase two ensures that the work is verified while tailored to the 4 home UK nations. Phase three is the presentation to the regulators and ministerial sign off. The final phase will see the new Wood Occupation Standards embedded into the S/NVQs and also into our SICCS card scheme as CSCS alliance partners.”

Get to know Amanda

Amanda serves as the NAS Skills Lead and UK Training Manager, developing and delivering the NAS Skills Strategy. Operating in the Interiors Sector as a Skills Strategist since 2010, she is a passionate skills champion. She is the current IOC NAS Partnership Strategic Skills Executive Leader, a driver for change, collaborator, multi-level project manager for construction and an investor in the new generation.

She develops the UK Skills and Competency Strategy, focusing on Shopfitting and Bespoke Carpentry. Amanda fosters industry-driven apprenticeships and qualifications, secures funding, and supports NAS members’ wellbeing. Amanda integrates skills, sector intelligence, and new generation values across bodies, amplifying NAS influence in industry.

Please join us in congratulating Amanda in her new role.