War in Ukraine

Update: 31 March

  1. The Construction Leadership Council has published a document intended to support UK firms respond to the impacts of the current crisis in Ukraine.
  2. Timber from Russia and Belarus considered conflict timber. Read the guidance document and responses to frequently asked questions prepared by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Response from the NAS

While someway removed from the United Kingdom and, more specifically, the shopfitting and fitout sector, ripples from the war in Ukraine are being felt throughout the world. Here are some things that we believe our members should consider at this time.

Employee welfare

Employees and colleagues from Ukraine will no doubt be feeling anxious about their families, friends, and their nation. Consideration should be given to ensure that any employees from the Ukraine are supported emotionally.

If you do not have a suitable internal resource to provide such support, we recommend the use of the NAS’ Everyday Advice Line (EAL), which can be contacted by all member employees 24/7. Further information about the EAL is available in the Downloads section of the Members’ Area.

Feelings of anxiety will not be exclusive to employees from the Ukraine, as bordering nations such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova, have been accommodating large numbers of refugees, creating logistical and socio-economic impact for those nations too.

NAS Members are able to access Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) training at reduced, sometimes no cost. If you are interested in having a MHFA in your workplace, please contact us and we will help.

Monitoring costs and your supply chain

The sector’s supply chain has been greatly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, resulting in tighter supplies and rising costs.

With the UK Government increasing sanctions against Russia, members should be reviewing their operations to identify goods supplied from Russia. Further consideration should be given to identify any projects that could have actual or planned Russian investment.

When estimating jobs, it is recommended to factor in rising costs for fuel and energy. Oil prices have reached a 14 year high, which will affect the cost of fuel and energy, but also products and services, reducing the profitability of those businesses who do not allow for these increases in their estimates.

Donating and supporting suitable charities

We have been informed of a number of NAS members who have made donations to support the people of Ukraine. The UK’s Disaster Emergency Committee are raising funds for Ukraine via several charities including the British Red Cross. The Government will match pound for pound the money raised up to £20 million.

The National Association of Shopfitters has donated on behalf of its members, but you too may wish to consider making a donation or supporting a suitable charity.