World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is the World Suicide Prevention Day. NAS supports mental health related awareness initiatives and provides relevant support to our Members.

As reported recently in a study published by CITB, the scale of mental health related problems in the construction industry is big. The report quotes: “Physical health and safety are given significant priority in the construction industry however, given that suicide often kills more people than falls from height, there is a need for steps to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and improve the support available to workers.”

The NAS provides members with access to Everyday Advice Line, which offers help of qualified counsellors and advisors. Everyday Advice Line provides support in areas of counselling, medical advice, financial and legal help and management support.

NAS also supports other organisations focussed on mental health issues in the construction industry.

Lighthouse Club runs Help Inside the Hard Hat campaign to raise awareness of poor mental health within our industry, with a lot of free, downloadable resources that can be used on sites.

Mangang offers ongoing meetups and events. You can find more details on their website and linkedin.