5 Minutes With Michael O’Reilly, Managing Director of MGO’Reilly Assessment Services


Today’s Five Minutes is with Michael O’Reilly, Managing Director of MGO’Reilly Assessment Services, an NAS Approved Training Provider.

1. How did you first hear about the NAS?
I met the NAS Training Manager, Lorraine Shepherd, at a CITB Grants & Funding workshop in Kent back in January and I was impressed by what Lorraine had to say about the NAS’ core values and ethos, but namely how they approach training. Lorraine then followed up after the meeting and asked me to consider becoming an NAS Approved Training Provider. My company MGO’Reilly Assessment Services was fully audited and evaluated by Lorraine, and the rest is history as they say!

2. How did you first come in to this industry?
I left school aged 16 with very few O Levels but an interest in construction. A friend got me an interview with a surveying agency which then led to a job as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor, but rather than pursue a career in this area, I opted for site management. Following a recession in the early 1990’s,  I got a part time post teaching at a local college which then led to a full time post but more managerial rather than teaching. I enjoy supporting learners achieving their ambitions.

3. If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?
I would like to see additional support for employers to enable them to take on both young people and adults through training. The most valuable experiences I had was from supervisors/managers who had a trade background. I learnt so much about management and our industry from working with skilled and knowledgeable individuals- this is a resource we should be tapping into to support the next generation.

4. What considerations are given by your company MGO’Reilly Assessment Services regarding NVQ Training during COVID-19?
I have been working all through the lockdown as I switched from making on-site visits to using video technology to “meet” with my learners. I would like to see additional funding schemes to support individuals in terms of accessing grants to pay or contribute to undertaking an NVQ. I would like to see NVQ training be cost neutral in the future – this was one of the topics covered in my recent webinar with the NAS and Celine McGeown from the CITB called ‘Upskilling the workforce online via NVQ’ – the recording of which can be accessed by NAS Members in the Members Area of their website.

5. Can you tell us a little about your CITB ATO (‘Approved Training Organisation’) status?
When I first formed my NVQ Assessment Company I applied for ATO status as I had personal experiences of delivering training courses. Being an ATO has opened up many contacts and is also a mark of quality assurance for my business. Being recognised as a British Construction Industry and CITB ATO we feel it gives clients/customers/associates the peace of mind that we are a qualified training provider who can deliver good quality training that meets the industry approved standards. This can be evidenced on the CITB Portal by entering MGO’Reilly Assessment Services Ltd

6. What are your proudest achievements, both personally and professionally?
From a personal point of view, I am very proud of my family, I have a very supportive wife and my two children make me proud every day. From a professional point of view, it would be starting up my own business and seeing it grow over the last two years.

7. What’s the most helpful advice you have ever been given, both personally and professionally?
Whilst studying at Wolverhampton Polytechnic for a construction qualification my supervisor once said to me: “Never be precious about anything you produce, listen to advice from others and act accordingly.”

8. Tell us a little about your work with your local Rugby Club & School Governors responsibilities.
I had been coaching for some 14 years at mini and junior levels at Canterbury Rugby Club. I served on the main committee as Safeguarding Officer and as the Club Chairman. Sadly after one season as Club Chairman I had to stand down due to business commitments, however,  I am still very much involved at the club as a supporter and sponsor. I am currently Vice- Chair of Governors at a local school and I support them by reaching out into the local community and by helping to get rugby going at the school.

9. What has your experience been of working with the NAS and their Members?
I have had the pleasure of supporting Chris Hope, Operations Director of Amalga and Member of the NAS Executive Board, through his NVQ Level 7 in Construction Management which he completed during Covid-19 lockdown. As part of my service I also supported Chris with his application for Membership of Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB). The NAS is a forward looking organisation supported by a great team and I am genuinely excited about working with their Members.

10. What’s the best way for NAS Members to contact you and make a booking?
NAS Members have access to preferential rates on training with me, so to book this you would need to get in touch with Lorraine, NAS Training Manager initially, on lorraine.shepherd@shopfitters.org.  My company website is www.moras.co.uk and my direct details are mgoreilly@live.co.uk / 07066 454159. I can also be found on LinkedIn.