Apprentice SICCS cards free for NAS Members

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Apprentice SICCS cards free for NAS Members

Earlier this year the NAS has relaunched its competency card scheme, which is delivered in partnership with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). The Shopfitting and Interior Contracting Competency Scheme (SICCS) now offers site fixing and benchwork cards, along with several others, covering key roles in the sector.

The response to the relaunch has been positive so far and we are looking to continue to grow our offer by providing apprenticeship cards free of charge for our members, and reducing the price to £5 (ex. VAT) for non-members.  This is part of our broader strategy of supporting the employment of young professionals entering the shopfitting, fitout and interior contracting market.

In addition, the NAS is working on a Careers Pathway to support those interested in entering the sector with a clear understanding of what is expected in terms of responsibilities, skills, and qualifications. This will be supported by the results of our Pay and Reward Survey 2021, which is due to be published in July.

Shopfitting Apprentice SICCS card (red)
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