Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream Product Stand by Triplar

Below photographs have been submitted by Triplar for the Shopfitting Excellence Week 2021 held by the NAS.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, as well as being a fan favourite, is the product that launched the brand. Known as the ultimate red-carpet skin care secret, and over twenty-five years in the making, it has had time to develop its own personality and needed to be displayed in a way that would communicate and do justice to that. Additionally, the display unit needed to create impact and be able to stand out in the highly competitive space of the beauty industry.

We designed a stand that would instantly appeal to existing fans of the product and would also communicate the Magic Cream story to new customers — motivating both towards purchase. The stand would display the ‘Magic Cream Trilogy’ which consists of Charlotte’s Magic Cream, Magic Night Cream and Magic Eye Rescue.

The display features a large Hollywood star, to reflect the product’s place amongst A-List models and film stars, and a sense of timelessness is created through the addition of the infinity mirror. Already an eye-catching feature, the impact of the infinity mirror is emphasised by being lit from both within and below.

The star and the display platform for the creams combine to make one free standing piece, created through a combination of wood, acrylic and metal. LEDs and clear acrylic on the top of the display platform means the products are lit from below, and semi-opaque acrylic above this acts as a diffuser for the illumination. A combination of mirrored acrylic and a one-way mirror, and the LED nodules both framing the star and in its centre, provide the infinity effect and give an overall effect of stars reflected on a watery surface, as per the original brief. The trademark ‘starburst ray effect’ is sandblasted into the mirror. The central model product — the Magic Cream — is displayed on a rotating platform, treating it as an exhibit and reinforcing its position as a staple item in the collection.

The outer layer of the display is mirror-grade polished stainless steel, finished with a rose gold varnish, specially formulated in France to match the product and Charlotte Tilbury brand palette.

Product description points also serve to engage customers. These are presented on plaques fixed onto the display platform, created from polished stainless steel with the same rose gold varnish, and screen-printed lettering in the Charlotte Tilbury ‘night crimson’ brand colour.

Two interchangeable bases are available for the star and display platform — one circular, freestanding mid floor unit, and one with a flat back to be combined with the brand’s existing end-cap fixture. Strategically, even the free-standing units are designed to hold stock, meaning as well as showcasing the individual item, stock is available directly to consumers from the display, increasing uptake.