NAS & IOC Announce Partnership

National Association of Shopfitters and Institute of Carpenters Announce Partnership to Foster Collaboration and Enhance Member Benefits

The National Association of Shopfitters (NAS) and The Institute of Carpenters (IOC) are delighted to announce a strategic partnership aimed at exploring collaborative opportunities to benefit their respective members.

With a shared commitment to promoting excellence and professionalism in their fields, NAS and IOC recognise the potential for synergies in their activities. Through the partnership, both organisations aim to unlock new possibilities, offer enhanced resources, and provide their members with enhanced benefits.

This initiative seeks to generate efficiencies, foster knowledge sharing, and ultimately drive better outcomes within the shopfitting, carpentry and joinery sectors. For the duration of the partnership, which is set at an initial twelve months, the NAS and the IOC will operate independently, maintaining separate governance processes. Their operations will be linked through the NAS’ Director, James Filus, who will take up the position of Strategic Development Manager at the IOC, while continuing his duties at the NAS.

Commenting on the partnership, Geoff Rhodes, IOC President, said: “We are delighted to embark on this partnership with NAS, as it aligns with our aim to modernise the IOC and to enhance our offer to members. We look forward to working closely with the NAS and building on our already shared history.

Similarly, David Edmonds, NAS President, said: “The alliance between NAS and IOC marks a significant milestone in our already shared history. Many longstanding members of the NAS were involved in the Institute of Shopfitting, which was transferred to the IOC. They maintain links today through IOC membership. With this partnership, we aim to leverage our respective strengths and knowledge, for the benefit of both organisations.”

As the IOC and NAS commence their partnership, they invite their members and stakeholders to stay informed about the exciting developments that lie ahead. The collaboration between these two highly respected organisations holds great promise for the shopfitting, carpentry and joinery industries, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, professionalism, and success for all.

About the National Association of Shopfitters (NAS)

The National Association of Shopfitters is the leading trade association for the shopfitting, fitout and interior contracting sector in the United Kingdom. Formed in 1919, NAS represents a diverse membership of professionals and has a mission to promote, support, and develop the sector. For more information, please visit:

About the Institute of Carpenters (IOC)

The Institute of Carpenters was established in 1890, to help maintain standards and skills at a time when traditional skills were being lost. Over 130 years later we are still committed to upholding the highest standards of our historic craft and IOC is the home for professionals working in the woodworking sector. Currently there is  a particular emphasis  on supporting skills, apprenticeships, and student members, with an expanding mentoring scheme in partnership with CITB. For more information, please visit: