Ristorante Frescobaldi by GS Contracts

Below photographs and description have been submitted by GS Contracts for the Shopfitting Excellence Week 2021 held by the NAS.

During the COVID-19 shutdown period of 2021, our client got in contact wanting to refurbish their restaurant to provide a fresh, new vibrant appeal for when customers were able to return. In collaboration with the team at B3 Designers, we helped to provide a fresh, new vibrant appeal for when customers were able to return to Ristorante Frescobaldi London.

One of our favourite details from this lavish fit-out is the rear illuminated stain glass feature wall. Located on the staircase, this backlit wall is a striking focal point, bringing an abundance of character into the building.

The GS Contracts team manufactured and installed all bespoke joinery on this project including, numerous display cabinets, upholstery banquette seating and furnishings to retain the luxury look of the restaurant.

Ourselves and the team from B3 Designers are all exceptionally pleased with how the fit-out tied together, supplying our client with a brand new, modernised space for their diners.

Photography: Tom Bird

Ottolenghi Deli by GS Contracts

In June 2021, GS Contracts successfully delivered this beautiful deli for Ottolenghi in Marylebone, serving fresh daily changing dishes, delicious pastries, and baked goods available for take-away or walk-in dining.

Located along Marylebone Lane, the deli is comprised of unique pippy oak fittings, sleek Corian surfaces and a large central Amazonian table.

Our team worked hard to make full use of the capacity, ensuring to make it flow smoothly throughout. We were able to provide the staff with the workspace that they need whilst giving customers enough room to move around.

By combining functionality and appearance we were able to create a unique and modern space, open and inviting to customers.

Photography: Kornel Flint