World Class Managers course funded by the NAS

The NAS is funding 10 places on the World Class Managers course run by The Global Growth Institute.

This course is perfect for the middle tier managers or people who are already progressing in their career and are looking for a further development.

What is the World Class Manager programme?

It is an online 12 module CPD accredited management programme, that is delivered to managers of any level. This means there is no need to remove the person from the business for an entire day, or incur the expense of travel costs.

Each module takes around an hour to complete and covers various topics such as Goal Setting, Appraisals, Managing Time, Customer Service and Future Planning which are based upon the best practice the GGI have seen from working with over 500 organisations worldwide. Download the World Class Manager brochure to find out more.

We are looking for 10 nominations from our Members. If you know someone who is setting out on their leadership path and would benefit from this course, please fill in the below form.

I was introduced to World Class Manager (WCM) during my time in local government. It's an excellent tool that, through a series of thought-provoking modules, sets out the core foundational skills for being a great manager. These are universal skills – that don’t just apply to the shopfitting or construction sector, but all businesses of all shapes and sizes. Business efficiency will be focus for the NAS this year and the WCM programme is part of that journey for the Association and its members. If you have someone starting out on their leadership journey, or someone that’s looking to improve on their knowledge of leadership and management, then please put them forward for this unique opportunity.

The purpose of the training is to

  • Broaden horizons and experience
  • Improve management skills, processes and procedures
  • Develop team morale and productivity
  • Increase working relationships across the organisation
  • Overcome managerial and organisational challenges and pressures

World Class Manager (WCM) was launched in 2016 and is now operational in 18 countries. It is a technology-enabled platform of development for managers featuring a mix of video, workbook and assessment. It’s also CPD Certified from London.

It is being used by some of the world’s leading organizations including HSBC, The BBC, ACCA, Allianz and is helping 1000s of managers improve their management capability; it is also helping organizations overcome geographical and financial barriers to developing their entire management population.