New Opportunity – London Specification Studio for the Caribbean Blinds

The Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd are looking to work with a fitout contractor on their London Specification Studio.

Below you will find a scan of sketches and a couple of photos of the outside of the building and close up inside to show materials in use which should be considered to ensure unformity with the surrounding area. Note the dark grey / black tones, timber and acrylic corrugated frosted backlit panels.

Below is the list of items corresponding with the sketch and links to the product featured. The company is open to ideas and suggestions.

This is to showcase the external roller blinds. There are two of these required, one to showcase each of the below. The Antiguan is surface mounted and the Dominica is recessed (so a slot will need to be built to fit this within). It would be possible to have a single podium that has one product on each side.

This is to showcase the external roof blind. It needs to include a lightbox to mirror that of a glass skylight and, more importantly, so it can be used to put fabric samples on to show what the materials look like backlit (with the sun).

This is to showcase a section of the post and cross beam from the louvered roofs, to show how the foot attaches to the ground, drainage works etc – for ease compare the featured project under the link below, second image – it will be holding what can be seen zoomed in – ie the post, a cross beam coming off the post, etc. There is a need for three of these, to showcase each variant

This is to showcase the patio awnings. The large void represents doors and more importantly a rail which will have samples of all the available materials hanging on will be installed. There will be an awning off each side (1.5m extension). One side the awning will be recessed in the wall, the other surface mounted. It will be the same awning model as under the link below:

This is a timber slatted wall, to which will abut and mount one of the louvered roofs (link below) to.

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